The Basics of Mastectomy Bras

The Basics of Mastectomy Bras

Not all women can afford or want to choose to go through reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy. It can be expensive, as well as scary. Mastectomy bras give women the confidence to walk freely without feeling as though people will know of their surgery, while letting them spend less money to feel comfortable.

What is a mastectomy bra? It’s a specially designed bra that uses breast prosthesis forms, or silicone forms that are made to look and feel like real breast tissue. They can be bought in variety of styles and colors, just like regular bras, and are designed to be used especially with these forms. Each cup has a pocket where the form can be slipped in.

Your breast prosthesis forms can be purchased through a variety of places and each have a different sort of feel and shape. There are weighted breast forms, light weight ones, forms made specifically for swimming or athletics, even partial breast forms. It all depends on what you need for what you are doing. And of course, you can buy forms in the right cup size for you, so that things look natural and give your body symmetry.

Don’t worry; you won’t have to do everything by yourself. A few weeks after your surgey, when you’ve completed healing, you should get fit for the right prosthesis. You can choose from pre-made ones or have them custom made; you can even choose to have nipples on The Basics of Mastectomy Brasthe prosthesis for a more natural look.

When you have your form and you are looking for the best mastectomy bras for yourself, you’ll want to consider all your activities in life and what you’ll need them for. Getting the right fitting bra is as important for you as any other woman, even more so to make sure things look natural.

For starting out, cotton seamless Mastectomy Bras are a good choice, as they are soft and comfortable. You might feel a need to wear something without seams for a while to avoid any agitation. They also tend to come in really beautiful colors and with great detail, so you won’t feel you are sacrificing aesthetics.

For every day wear, if you find a bra you like, buy multiple. It’s always good to go with something that is comfortable; just look for a variety of colors. For activities, you can buy special sports mastectomy bras to wear at the gym, or a bathing suit where you can use your prosthesis as well.

The key to the fit is that they are comfortable against the skin and don’t feel too tight or leave marks. You always want the straps to be comfortable and not slide off your shoulders; that is an easy way to discover an ill-fitting bra. Lastly, you want your prosthesis to fit properly without overflowing in the cup or on the opposite side of things, getting overwhelmed by the material.

With the right adjustments and fittings, there is hope in finding the right bra after breast cancer. There’s no need to sacrifice comfort and confidence, whether you’ve had a single or double mastectomy.



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